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to show its support of local businesses, who are supporting local schools and organizations.

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We hear the ads around the start of the holiday season every year, reminding us how important it is to support local business. But what about the rest of the year? Our cities need strong Shop Local campaigns that encourage local consumers to get behind local businesses more than just one Saturday a year!

Local businesses support our city’s economy by providing jobs, goods and services that we all need. They also generate local sales tax revenue that feeds into our city services. They are an important piece of our thinknlocal community cycle and most city governments are committed to supporting them. But it can be challenging and expensive for cities to run effective Shop Local campaigns.

It's easy

We make it easy for City Hall to show its support of local businesses, who are supporting local schools and organizations.

Strong Engagement

Help strengthen community engagement among businesses, organizations & schools.

Economic Benefit

Enjoy the economic benefits of the “Shop Local” messaging promoted through our platform

Local pride

Make your city a more attractive place to live and do business.

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In a nutshell, the City supports the businesses, who are supporting the schools and organizations. These schools and organizations are also helping generate more sales for businesses by advertising their fundraising partnership to residents (who are the local consumers businesses need!). And finally, the sales tax revenue that is being generated by this Shop Local movement comes back to the residents who are helping fuel this amazing cycle!

New sales generated

$792,228.13+ this year

Spent locally per fundraiser

$2,741.27+ this year

We’ve helped raise

$183,254.64 so far

We can't wait to do this again!

The parents and kids at our school loved the flexibility of the program as well as the giving back to our local community!

Holly Kirwin

PTA President

I was skeptical

I’m glad that I did! The fundraiser that we took part in raised the funds that it needed (even during Covid), and we got a bunch of new customers who would not have found out about us otherwise.

Auraganic Juicery


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