Making community fundraising fun, easy & efficient.

We're empowering the community one fundraiser at a time!


generated for local businesses who help their community grow along with them.


raised for local causes who help their community become a better place.


reached on average over the original goal set by the cause.

Our thinknlocal platform

Support non-profit organizations and schools by simply doing what you do everyday –shop!

Find a great cause

We make it easy to support the local organizations helping your community.

Shop at participating businesses

Lending your support is as easy as shopping at the designated businesses that have partnered with your selected cause.

Snap a photo of your receipt

Let us know you’ve done your part by uploading a photo of your receipts and we’ll take care of the rest. That simple!

We help schools and organizations by:

Other Fundraising Programs

Turning our kids into sales people with packets and instructions on how to sell same old fundraising items.

School profit is often pretty low and fundraising companies make most of the money.

Not everyone can donate the time necessary to make every fundraiser work.

Confusion, lack of enthusiasm, and missed opportunities.

Events require quite a bit of volunteer labor to tend to all of the details

It definitely takes effort to get out there and sell tickets

In the last few years, there’s been a drop in the number of people donating to charities.

Our economy is in bad shape and will only get worse.

Coordinating fundraisers is simple and efficient.

Your organization is actually supporting local businesses while you fundraise.

We promote your organization, its mission, and your specific fundraising cause.

We partner businesses with local schools and non-profit organizations.

We help attract new customers while helping maintain relationships with existing clientele

Help foster a real sense of community where partnerships and mutual support benefit everyone.

Easily lend your support to local businesses, schools, AND non-profit causes.

Enjoy the economic benefits of the “Shop Local” messaging promoted through our platform.

We build partnerships and
strengthen businesses.

We connect local businesses with organizations and schools to make fundraising easy and efficient.

Encourages residents, schools and orgs to support the businesses who are supporting them.

Promotes a Shop Local movement across the community while promoting local causes.

Creates a cycle of empowerment where small actions have a big impact.

Who benefits from thinknlocal?


Local Businesses who are looking to anchor themselves in the community where they do business.

How we help Businesses
Schools & Orgs

Schools, Organizations and Causes seeking to promote awareness and needing help with fundraising.

How we help fund causes

Residents looking to support a Shop Local Movement and contribute to local schools, organizations and causes in need of support.

How you benefit
City Hall

We make it easy for City Hall to show its support of local businesses, who are supporting local schools and organizations.

How it benefits everyone


“Such a great partnership! Not only did we raise money for our school and the needs of our students but we felt good about helping our local community businesses! Especially during this time of hardship. Loving Savior raised nearly $1,000 in just a few short weeks! It was super easy and we even had great raffle prizes available from a few of our local vendors! This fundraiser will not disappoint! Definitely a WIN WIN!!”


“A great app to use to help with promoting local businesses while fundraising for a good cause. We love the idea behind the app and how it can help small businesses in our community promote themselves while giving back to organizations within the community. It’s a win-win and everyone benefits. Why not shop local. Easy to use – download the app, snap a picture of your receipt and it’s uploaded. THINKNLOCAL takes care of the rest and works with the businesses directly to reconcile the receipts submitted.”

George Ly

"I’m a business owner trying to support my local community as often as possible. I was approached by the team @thinknlocal and participated in our first fundraiser for one of the local elementary schools. Craig and his team have definitely created something innovative and modern with this app. Basically all the participants have to do is download the app, sign up, and take a picture of the receipt. The app does the rest. I would definitely recommend thinknlocal for your next fundraiser."

Everyone wins!

You’ll see how the efforts of each community stakeholder, whether a resident, non-profit organization or local business, can have a meaningful impact on the well-being of the community and the recovery of the local economy.

How we can help?

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